Nigel’s landscapes often depict scenes from the welsh marches. Places with a personal story. He often starts a painting plein aire or from a real sitter. He begins with drawing and redrawing his subject. Nigel works the changing layered canvas intuitively relating to the painted surface. Overtime an internal dialogue with the image develops. 
When painting he is drawn toward aspects of the visual world chiming with particular psychological feelings, such as isolation, coldness, sadness. These attempts to capture often changing psychological and visual moments are at the heart of Nigel’s work. 
His work tries to reflect these emotive observations by applying paint in an expressive painterly manner. Nigel’s paintings are realistic and observed yet the departure from realism is also clear with changes in colour, light, temperature, gesture and expression to hold onto more of his lived psychological experience of being there with the person or immersed in the place. 
Nigel regularly exhibits in galleries in and around the region, he has undertaken commissions and his work is in private collections across the UK.
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